Skolan flicka spy cam

Does anyone have suggestions on : Maybe a smaller board the PiZerroW that could handle this?
If that is not available, Then: GSM SIM module with enough data/speed to view a livestream.
I'm thinking a PiZero bästa asiatiska cam W with smallest camera module possible, re-chargeable battery that could at least last 24hours, for casing maybe an altoids tin with a small hole for camera.Code: Select all *Just to be clear, this project is intended for my own educational purposes only, never to leave my lab.Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Upon motion detection, takes begins video recording, and sends an alert.What GSM SIM card module service should I use?I know it would me much easier to put it in something say an alarm clock, but it needs to be portable enough to be able to carry around chatt kamera bög say in a daily use backpack and not look out of place.

The cheaper the better, but it's gotta have enough data to handle this sort of thing.
Network connection wise, the WiFi would be configured to autoconnect and use the Comcast xfinity wifi networks that are everywhere (using a pre-set xfinity account).
Storage is encrypted, and possibly some more anti-forensic features I havn't thought.Is ready to go with just the flick of an on/off switch, no on-site or per use case configuration or anything just drop and.So here is what I'm picturing: A cam that is as small as possible and discreet enough that it could be left in plain sight without arousing suspicion.Only takes pic/records video when motion is detected, alerts by either text, email or some other means (maybe I'll make an app to go with it for push notifications) that motion was tripped.Most juice for the buck battery.I've seen the ones that can fit inside a pen and record or take stills to a microsd card, but I want to go all out here and make something worth showing off.So I was browsing through Adafruits store and saw this tiny camera module for the pi zero m/product/3508 and it got me thinking that my next project I want to do is one of those hidden spy cams.Still images, videos, and live stream is accessible anywhere(via web interface).Znajdź coś dla siebie.