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Throughout the remainder of the Indian Wars, various populations of Native Americans were rounded up, trekked across country and put into detention, some for gråter camgirl fångas naken as long as 2 years.
Frøslev Prison Camp established during World War II as an internment camp by the Danish government in order to avoid deportation of Danish citizens to Germany.
The Japanese later merged the College with part of Stanley Prison to form the full Stanley Internment Camp.
Deaths resulted from sickness or simply old age.They were maintained from the 1950s to the 1960s, but they were never used for their intended purpose.Retrieved boccio([email protected])m, Boris Krstovic.(In the Russian language, the term is used to denote the whole system, rather than individual camps.) In addition to what is sometimes referred to as the gulag proper (consisting of the "corrective labor camps there were "corrective labor colonies originally intended for prisoners with.United Kingdom edit Bermuda edit During the Second Boer War, several small islands in Bermuda 's Great Sound were used as natural concentration camps, despite protest from the local government.The backlash against internment and its bungled application contributed to the decision of the British government under Prime Minister Edward Heath to suspend the Stormont governmental system in Northern Ireland and replace it with Direct rule from London, under the authority of a British Secretary.It is unclear how many were held but estimates range up.5 million or practically the entire Kikuyu population.

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Conditions on the prison ship Argenta were "unbelievable" says author Denise Kleinrichert who penned the hidden history of the 1920s' floating gulag.Citation needed There are accusations by whom?Counter-Terrorism Policy And Human Rights: Terrorism Bill and related matters: Oral and Written Evidence.Citizenship and now, they were waiting to be sent back to Japan."Did you know Aleuts were sent to interrment camps during wwii?