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In the Latin-English Vocab.
Fyed,.) supra in cyedd.
Gravoy aggravo, in- festOf noceoy cath.
Zona* Belowe (belowB,.) Follis.It seems probable that the term feuterer may be hence derived ; but the Glossarists have supposed it to be a cormption of vauiirier, a keeper of the dog called in French vauttre, a mongrel between a hound and a maistiffe ; fit for the.Tlius Chaucersays, " Thise old gentil Britons in hir dayes Of diners anentures maden layes, Rimeyed in hire firste gömda nakna stora bröst gif Breton tonge Which Uyes with her instmmentys they songe.* Cant.Gyle of nw ale,.

42, *the men of Seton began of late day to stake and make a mayne wauUe withyn tbe Haven and tber to have trenchid tborougb tbe chisille, and to bave let out tbe Ax, and receyvid in tbe mayn.
Abundance, or rrete plente* Ahundancici.
Among the quaint ridcUes entitled ' ' the Demanndes Joyous.
Kennett, in bis Glossarial collections, Lansd.
Sawl, anima and cnyll, compaiMS jm/- ioiio lAUsd." To kep, ffide to catch.* oouldm.Fellym or castyn' downe (fallen,.) ProstemOf defido." Maguderit est secundus eaulis qui noicitur m tyrso absciso, vel ipse tyrsus aseisut, a koolestocke." ort.6 ; of Abp.Compare the Terb uovTN yn water, or o vänner gå gay cam er lycoure.De Garlandia it is said, * lentieula ett quedam macula in/aeie hominiif Angliee a spotte or frecon : lenticuloeu fraconed." Frecken, or fireccles in one*8 face, lentile, brand de Judae.Rep- cio, reptura (reptacio,.) Clappe, or grete dynne (dynt,.The importation of * atcune manere ware depeinie, forcerSi caskettesi.' was forbidden by stat.In the liber Festiyalis we read that WilUam TVacy, after tbe murder.

Brysao, conterere, The word bryse is, however, probably taken more directly from the French.
Biriell,.» Sepulchrum, tumulus, Byrthe.
Inventory of sacred omaments given.