Över 30 chat-rum

över 30 chat-rum

This will be indicated to yourself and the temporarily banned subject in chat on a successful temporary ban.
Usage: /timeout username seconds, or clicking the clock symbol either directly in chat or on the user badge which appears when clicking on a username.
Host This command will allow you to host another channel on yours (embedded video player).
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Det sänds också live på Bodens kommuns Facebook.Digi-Key Electronics is your preferred supplier for Industrial Automation, Control and safety products.Youll be asked to provide one of three reasons for ignoring the user.Usage: /mods, color, allows you to change the color of your username.Comment Guidelines - Click to view back to top.Usage (chat /ignore name, or click on a username and then on the Ignore button on the user badge that appears.This command will color your text based on your chat name color.Clear This command will allow the Broadcaster and chat moderators to completely wipe the previous chat history.Usage: /unban username, or by clicking the Unban button which replaces the Ban button.Usage: /emoteonlyoff Channel Editor Broadcaster Commands Commercial A partner-only command to run a commercial for all of your viewers.Usage: /followersoff, subscribers This command allows you to set your room so only users subscribed to you can talk in the chat room.Sammanträdet direktsänds av Närradion Boden 98,2 MHZ.

Usage: /disconnect, timeout, this command allows you to temporarily ban someone from the chat room for 10 minutes by default.
Usage (Default: 30 Seconds /commercial Usage (Other Options /commercial Notes: Specific commercial lengths can only be run if they are available in your dashboards gearbox.
Unban, this command will allow you to lift a permanent ban on a user from the chat room.
Usage (whisper Click on the cog at the top of the whisper window, and then on Block username.
Fullmäktiges nästa sammanträde är: Ärendeförteckning finns här (sidan öppnas i nytt fönster).For more information on the host feature please read the blog post and faq.Usage: /me text Disconnect, this command will simply disconnect you from the chat server.You can also use this command to end a ban early; this also applies to timeouts.Mods, this command will display a list of all chat moderators for that specific channel.Preview the April 30, 2018 Remnant.Unignore, this command will allow you to remove users from your ignore list that you previously added.Here, it includes our very gömda flickvänner tvingas knulla latest Remnant Cartoon.Usage: /slowoff, followers, this command allows you or your mods to restrict chat to all or some of your followers, based on how long theyve followed from 0 minutes (all followers) to 3 months.