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Mildly Military : The AST seem to function like this.
Clingy Jealous Girl : Both Tohka and Origami towards Shido.
Orchestral Bombing : Used in episode 6 of season 2, when Origami is fighting Bailey while Shido's band is playing a concert below them.
Ellen: If you could defeat a spirit, I will give you special bonus 5 million pound each.Reine immediately claims the min gratis kammar profil eiditor numbers must have been an error.Miku combines this with Color Failure upon discovering "Shiori s true gender.And it turns out that there is a way to save the Spirits without hurting them, the Spirits are able to lose their powers and live amongst normal people if Shido manages.Magic from Technology / Reality Warper : The "territory" the Realizers can create, where "the impossible can happen gives this effect.Heck, the game pod she was in is similar to the ones that Kid Senshi Gundam: Senj no Kizuna uses.Err- get on your hands and knees- I said on your knees, bitch!Bland-Name Product : The astronaut girl in the Dating Sim Shido plays at the beginning of Episode 2 of the anime is wearing a nusa suit.

In order to avert the deaths of all of the spirits at the hands of Mio, Shido uses the Vav bullet to time travel to the previous day, which turns everything back to the middle of the previous Volume.
Mood Whiplash : The series as whole seems to use this a lot.
And so yet another hero is created!
Yoshinon's taunting doesn't help any either.She's also not the only one to have undergone the procedure.Cursed with Awesome : The Spirits.He takes her shopping with him, and promises to buy her as much kinako bread as she wants.Before the duo resume their bickering.Parental Abandonment : Origami's parents were killed in a fire caused by a Spirit and Shido's mother (and by extension, Mana's) abandoned him for unknown reasons.