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The people at Leblon have been very active in petitioning the US government to recognize cachaça as a distinct spirit category.
The caipirinhaa sour-sweet combination of crushed limes, sugar and cachaçahas become the darling of American bartenders, and first-rate cachaça is at last finding a place on American liquor-store shelves.
15 As some rumsin particular the rhum agricole of the French Caribbean are also made by this process, cachaça is also known as Brazilian rum.White cachaça is usually bottled immediately after distillation and tends to be cheaper (some producers age it for up to 12 months in wooden barrels to achieve a smoother blend).7, cachaça is mostly produced in Brazil, where, according to 2007 figures, 1,500,000,000 litres (396,000,000 US gal; 330,000,000 imp gal) are consumed annually, compared with 15,000,000 litres (3,960,000 US gal; 3,300,000 imp gal) outside the country.Choosing a quality light or gold rum to stock in your bar is a good place to begin.Oxford Essential Portuguese Dictionary (in Spanish).Let's explore some of the possibilities within the light, gold, aged, dark, and flavored styles of rum and guide you through what defines each style.The ice came next, to ward off the heat explains Carlos Lima, executive director of ibrac (Brazilian Institute of Cachaça).Retrieved February 3, 2015.The diminutive mostly refers to the drink in which case it is a feminine noun.Todos os nomes da cachaça.Up to six grams per litre of sugar may be added."Cocktail Times - Dictionary".

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The most popular fresh fruits used to create caipifrutas are tangerine, lime, kiwifruit, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, grapes, mango, cajá (Spondias mombin fruit), and caju (cashew fruit).
Archived from the original.Last updated September 6, 2012, copyright Ministry of Rum, All Rights Reserved.In some cocktails, it is a complement to light rum and in others, it is the feature, so this would be a secondary priority.(in Portuguese) Cascudo, Luis da Camara (2006).Rested up to 6 months in XO Cognac casks.31, 2008) 11 as well as the International Bartenders Association (IBA) 9 allow the use of the name caipirinha for the version with lime only, the term is often used to describe any cachaça-and-fruit-juice drink with the fruit's name (e.g.4 Some of these nicknames are: abre-coração (heart-opener água-benta verkliga livet sex positioner (holy water bafo-de-tigre (tiger breath and limpa-olho (eye-wash).9 Synonyms edit For more than four centuries of history, cachaça has accumulated synonyms and creative nicknames coined by the Brazilian people.